About Us

Tabernacle Christian Schools, Inc. 4380 Concord Blvd. Concord CA 94521

Teaching in all areas of life, the Truth, as centered in the Lord Jesus of the Bible.


Tabernacle School will impact children with the message of Jesus Christ. We desire to instill in our students a sense of worth and competence. It is our vision to create a school spirit which emphasizes the unique giftedness of all students and mold their characters in wisdom and truth.


Tabernacle School was founded in 1971 under the umbrella of Tabernacle Baptist Church as an evangelical outreach ministry. From our small beginnings of five kindergarten students in 1971, we have grown to approximately 500 students and mold their characters in wisdom and truth.


Traditionally, schools have recognized and rewarded children for giftedness within a narrow range of abilities. Tabernacle School firmly believes that all children are gifted in multiple ways.

Core Values

Truth Centered
Evangelically Focused
Excellence Based
Relationally Engaged
Globally Challenged

We are dually accredited by the Association for Christian Schools International and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Each year our students test and rank nationally through the IOWA Standardized Test.