Board of Directors

Bruce McIntosh


Bruce McIntosh is the chairman of the Tabernacle School board has has served on the board since 2008. Bruce is a trial attorney for Seto Wood and Schweickert LLP.

Mary Lou McCauley


Mary Lou was the first teacher at Tabernacle School in 1971. She went on to be a school administrator and a resource specialist. Mary Lou retired from Tabernacle School in 2019 and remains on the school board.

Kristina Reynolds

Board Member

Kristina Reynolds is the parent of Yanni, Alexandria and Erasmia all former students of Tabernacle School Kristina was involved in our parent TIP program and has assist with tutoring students.

Peter Schadek

Board Member

Peter Schadek was a parent and long time supporter of Tabernacle School. Peter is the President and co-founder of PSR West Coast Builders.

Bob Maiellaro

Vice Chairman

Bob Maiellaro was a former board member of Tabernacle School and had a son that attended Tabernacle School. Bob is the longest active member of the Tabernacle school board.

Gia Francis

Board Member

Gia Francis is a parent of two Tabernacle graduates and a long time supporter of the school.  She has held many positions at Tabernacle including teacher, preschool director and now board member.  Her love of education was evident not only in her day to day classroom experience but also in her quest at obtaining higher education degrees.  

Charles Fikejs

Board Member

Charles Fikejs was a student at Tabernacle School in the 70’s. His mother was a teacher at Tabernacle School and his father taught the adult ministries class for Tabernacle Church.