Christmas Love Offering

Merry Christmas to our wonderful families of Tabernacle School.

Seldom does a day go by when we are not acutely aware of how thankful we are
to be a part of such a great school. We know we are blessed to have the
opportunity to work with you as a family and help to train up your child(ren) to be
a productive citizen in this world. We would like to share some thoughts with you
about this amazing school.

Our Staff: We are incredibly fortunate to serve alongside a group of women and
men who are both competent and compassionate.

Our Volunteers: Even with a great staff, the fact remains that many of our
activities at school are only as impactful as those who offer their time, talents,
and treasures investing in the programs and opportunities of the classrooms and
school events. A HUGE thank you goes out to you! We thank you for assisting
and helping cheerfully and joyously, motivated by seeing the best for the future
leaders of our nation.

Our Stewardship: Together, in spite of the obvious economic challenges we all
face, we have seen God meet the budget through tuition and donations. Your
partnership and generosity have not only impacted the students but have
reached out to other community programs. Each month we have raised dollars
to support programs in the community such as the Sarah Deniston Ministry,
Operation Christmas Child, Contra Costa and Solano County Food Bank, and
other groups.

In years past, the tradition at our Christmas programs is to have a love offering
for our teachers. If you are financially able this year to give a special year-end
gift, may we encourage you to give to Tabernacle School for the love offering to
our teachers. Your gift will help provide a special bonus to the teachers as they
prepare to celebrate Christmas with their families.

You can drop off a Christmas offering for the staff in the school office or with our
secure online giving site at our new website (
Thank you for your support.

The Administration of Tabernacle School