Core Values

Truth Centered

Committed to education which will mold students’ hearts and minds to effectively impact their lives forever.

Evangelically Focused

Passionate about knowing Jesus and making Him known. Inclusive in our outreach. We have families from every religion; we have those who are not connected with anyone. Through our interview process, we explain that JESUS is the central figure of our school. He is a Person, not a religion. We explain very honestly that their children will be taught to believe in Jesus and to love Him. We do not present ourselves as religious Christians, rather, we are followers of JESUS.

Excellence Based

Vitally engaged in producing life-long learners through teaching and modeling self-discipline. We identify each student’s unique God-given intelligence, through awards assemblies and instruction. We begin to outline the future and build their skills by introducing them to professions that match their abilities.

Relationally Engaged

Dedicated to loving and nurturing students. Tabernacle School has a foundational character program which teacher morals and ethics. Every child knows that they will be a servant leader.

Globally Challenged

Extending our ministry to children across the world with the message of Jesus. Connecting with orphans, children in prison, countries who want to have Christ-centered schools. Tabernacle School connects with the highest point in the government of a country to appeal for justice for children.