Triggers to Switch to Distance Learning

If a student, teacher or staff member tests positive for Covid19 and had exposed others at the school, Tabernacle will implement the following steps:

Administration will contact the local public health department and decide whether school closure is warranted, including the length of time necessary, based on the risk level within the specific community as determined by the local public health officer.

All families will have the option of keeping their child at home or switching to distance learning after we reopen for as long as they feel necessary. Tabernacle’s priority is to keep students, families, and staff safe.

Given the standard guidance for isolation at home for at least 14 days after close contact, the classroom or office where the subject was based will typically need to close temporarily as students and staff isolate. Distance learning will be provided for students/classrooms that have been temporarily closed

School or classroom closure will be communicated to students, parents, teachers, staff and other necessary parties.

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