Staff Training & Family Education

Healthy Hygiene Education for All:

Stopping the spread of Covid-19 starts with everyone practicing healthy hygiene habits. Tabernacle has been working with the local health depart- ment to monitor the Covid-19 cases in our area and is collaborating with medical officials, community organizations, teachers, other private schools, families, and staff to guide the decision-making process in establishing health and wellness protocols and guidelines. By working together and educating students, parents, and staff, our school can take steps to slow the spread of Covid-19 and keep our loved ones safe.

Tabernacle will be educating our community by using and teaching:

  • Procedures for hand washing, social distancing and covering when coughing and sneezing will be taught and reviewed frequently in all grade levels.
  • Signage within the school to encourage social distancing and proper hygiene
  • A dedicated page on Tabernacle School’s website with updated Covid-19 information and developments
  • Provide flyers to students and families about Covid-19 protocols and learning options including in person or distance learning.
  • Regular email contact with staff and families with updates for the school’s reopening

Know the Signs and Symptoms of Covid-19 and How to Respond