GIFT Program

Multiple Intelligences

Every child is a gifted child. At Tabernacle we respect the unique giftedness of all children and work to help them discover and develop their gifts.

Because children are gifted in different ways, we offer a broad range of programs designed to help them develop their own unique strengths.  We respect and work to develop the following universally recognized areas of giftedness.


Having the ability to use words effectively.  A student with this gift will show great skill with written and/or spoken language.  Political leaders, legal experts and writers have developed this ability to a high degree.


Having the ability to reason well.  A child with this ability is interested in patterns and relationships among things and loves puzzles and brainteasers.  Computer and financial specialists are especially gifted logically and mathematically.


Having a keen ear and sense of rhythm.  Musically gifted children frequently sing, hum or whistle because they possess an innate sensitivity toward the musical elements of melody, tone, and rhythm.  Many professional musicians first demonstrated musical potential at a very early age.


Having the ability to perceive and transform things visually.  Children who are spatially oriented think in three dimensional terms.  They not only “see” things clearly i the mind’s eye, but they can manipulate them in their imaginations.  These children are mechanics artists, designers, surgeons, mechanics and scientific theorists.


Having grace or agility, using one’s body in a highly-skilled way.  Kinesthetically gifted children are gifted with fine-motor skills used for sewing, crafts, typing, drawing and fixing machinery.  Future athletes, dancers, swimmers, and sometimes inventors or actor are among this group.


Being gifted at understanding others.  Children gifted with interpersonal skills have the ability to empathize and understand other people.  They have the uncanny sense of saying or doing the right thing at just the right time.  People in service professions such as teachers, therapists, and counselors exhibit this gift.


Having deep insight into oneself.  Children who recognize their own strengths and weaknesses are gifted with intrapersonal skills.  When these skills become highly developed, one is able to detect and to symbolize complex and highly differentiated sets of feelings.  Poets are good representatives of this group.


Having the ability to take people where they would not go alone, love them and serve them.  We believe this gift is God-given.  The school’s staff readily embraces those students who have this intelligence.  The students are encouraged and taught how to serve others.  Teachers, pastors, presidents, and politicians exhibit this gift.


Having the faith to comprehend and love God’s creation a s a gift to mankind to prove His ExistenceThe creationist intelligence is connected to the cosmos and the belief in the truthful narrative of the creation of God.  This narrative runs through the world view of our school.  The student will absorb the truth of everything taught about the cosmos.  Future farmers, scientists, and geologist often display the characteristics of this gift.

Moral Intelligence

Having a desire to live ethicallyChildren who have a heart attitude and desire to conscientiously seek truth and justice are gifted with moral skills.  They are able to delay self-gratification and make good decisions.  Moral intelligence is the foundation upon which the gifts must be nurtured and developed.