Health Screenings for Students and Staff

While parent volunteers are vital in the classroom, to decrease the Covid-19 exposure, Tabernacle has suspended all volunteer opportunities for the fall. Our school will be limiting visitors to appointment only and visitors will not be allowed in student areas. All visitors must follow the screening guidelines HERE and complete the required document before entering the office.

Visitor Self-Assessment Form

Parent/Student/Employee Self-Assessment Form

Daily Health Screenings for All: All individuals entering the campus must go through the daily health screening requirements. Parents are required to take their temperature and their child(ren)’s temperature each day before coming on campus. Students with a temperature above 100.4 or other illness symptoms are required to stay home.

Students exposed to someone that is ill in the immediate family are required to stay home until the illness has been identified. If it is determined to be COVID-19, then all family members are required to stay off campus for 72 hours after symptoms have subsided.

Students will also be screened upon arrival on campus. Temperatures will be taken and teachers will be assessing student health throughout the day. Any child that develops a fever of 100.4+ or other illness symptoms will be held in an isolated sick area and parents will be notified to pick up their child within an hour of call.

All employees are required to take their temperatures each morning before coming on campus. Employees exhibiting or developing symptoms will be directed to leave campus immediately

Self Assessment Forms:

A form must be completed daily. All visitors will be screened and have their temperature taken and complete a form prior to entering the office.