LIVE and GIFT Awards

We are made in the image and likeness of God and each individual is incredibly unique.

GIFT Program

There is only one of you in the world. Have you ever wondered why schools seem to agree that only those who excel at math and English are intelligent? This is a narrow attitude and many students flourish when they are able to use their unique abilities in the classroom. It would seem wise to say that if a talent or behavior is of value to society, the person should be considered as being intelligent and gifted. We believe that intelligence should be considered as multidimensional. Tabernacle has worked to broaden the concept of intelligence, because we are convinced that Jesus would expect us to do this.

LIVE Program

Learning Important Values Everyday

Teaching character is an important part of our philosophy at Tabernacle School. We emphasize five different character traits in our classrooms: responsible, respectful, compassionate, cooperative, and courageous. Teachers recognize students for showing these character traits in the classroom and at quarterly assemblies. If a student shows exceptional character in one of these areas a teacher will send them to the office for “Caught Being Good”.

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