Middle School STEM FAIR

Below are the results of Tabernacle’s first STEM fair organized by Andy Prior and two Tabernacle alumni, Nick Mackechnie and Max Keil.

Overall Winner ($500 Scholarship)

Luke Goetz
8th Grade
What Causes Recessions?

Science Winner ($100 Scholarship)

Logan Whitmore
8th Grade
Why Do We Have The Flu Shot?

Engineering Winner ($100 Scholarship)

Samantha Schaefer
8th Grade
Electric Skateboard

Technology Winner ($100 Scholarship)

Jana Rosas
6th Grade

Math Winner ($100 Scholarship)

Micah Reed
8th Grade
The Golden Ratio

Other Winners ($25 Gift Card)

Lauren Veugeler
7th Grade
Hydraulic Elevator

Abigail Keller
6th Grade
Chlorine vs. Swimsuit Fabrics

Vanessa Brunal
6th Grade

Caleb Doss
7th Grade

Madison Thys
8th Grade
Acetone & Styrofoam

Carlos Del Puerto
7th Grade

Angelina Vargas
8th Grade
Supply and Demand

Travis Thys
8th Grade

Abigail Van Noord
7th Grade

Olivia Hattrup
7th Grade