Tabernacle School’s Expected School Wide Learning Results:

Life-Long Learners
Citizens of Character
Academic Achievers
Faithful Followers of Jesus Christ


Tabernacle School firmly believes that all children are gifted, and that our school’s responsibility is to help students discover and develop the unique abilities with which God has gifted them. At the end of each quarter we set aside time to recognize students for their individual talents and character traits.

GIFT Awards

Our GIFT program assures that all children are recognized for at least one of ten areas of giftedness. The multiple intelligences for which we recognize students at our quarterly awards assemblies are: Visual, Musical, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Creationist, Mathematical, Logical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Leadership, and Moral Intelligences.

LIVE Awards

Tabernacle School also seeks to develop the character of children with our LIVE program – Learning Important Values Everyday – which zeros in of five basic qualities for which the children are recognized at our quarterly award assemblies: Responsible, Respectful, Compassionate, Cooperative, and Courageous. In addition, teachers reinforce these qualities as they see them lived out in the lives of the children. Teachers are encouraged to send children to the office as they are “caught being good”, which is followed up with a letter sent home detailing how the student displayed commendable behavior.

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