Physical Distancing

From arrival on campus to departure, students and staff will practice social distancing. Tabernacle will utilize staggered drop off and pick up schedules to reduce contact and crowding amongst students. Social distancing with younger children is extremely challenging. It is important to maintain students’ social distance while still giving them essential time to play outside. Structures have been put in place to maintain social distance between small cohorts of students while they play outside. This decision was made based off of input from staff and parents.

Classroom Modifications

When possible, student desks will be placed six feet apart. To ensure proper social distancing all extra furniture will be removed from the classroom. As outlined by the CDC guidelines and local health organizations, shields will be placed between students when social distancing is not possible. Effective January 4th, 2021, all students will be required to wear face masks while on campus. Teacher desks will have a plexi- glass shield around them. Administrators are assisting with classroom layouts prior to the start of the school year. No changes to the classroom layout will be made without administrator approval.

Controlled Movement Patterns

To promote social distancing and limit Covid-19 exposure, students will be moving in small, stable cohorts, when possible, throughout the day. Entrance, egress, and movement within the school will follow controlled movement patterns based on signage throughout the school and a map provided to each staff member and family.

Common Area Modifications

All common areas will be monitored and students will be encouraged to practice proper social distancing procedures. Physical Education will take place daily but schedules will be staggered to ensure proper space in outdoor areas. Physical Education activities will adhere to proper social distancing guidelines and will not include contact sports.