Small, Stable Cohorts

To promote social distancing and limit Covid-19 exposure, students will be moving in small, stable cohorts, when possible, throughout the day. Cohorts sizes will be depending on the physical size of the classroom and social distancing guidelines. We will be following the current social distancing guidelines for all Cohort sizes.

Lunch Procedures to Maintain Cohorts:

Students will be eating lunch in their classrooms or at scheduled outdoor locations set aside for just their class. Those students who purchase their lunch will have their lunch safely packaged and delivered to their classroom.

Movement Procedures:

Students will remain in the same classroom and will not be visiting our using other classrooms. Physical barriers, one directional walkways, and signage will be used to assist with distancing. Staggered schedules will be used to assist with campus traffic and limit exposure between classes.

Extracurricular Activities:

Field trips and extracurricular activities, including team sports are cancelled until further notice. The school bus will be out of service until further notice.