Tabernacle School is an evangelical Christian school focused on providing excellence in its spiritual, academic, and extracurricular education to its students. We help students acquire the skills and attitudes necessary to be Faithful Followers of Jesus Christ, Life-long Learners, Citizens of Character, and Academic Achievers.



1n 1989 our Founder, Margaret Bridges, felt God’s calling to establish Christian Schools in parts of the world that were previously unreachable. Tabernacle School has partnered with several schools overseas to help spread the good news of Jesus, and we continue to identify opportunities to impact our world.


The school and church separated operations in 1996 and have continued to share our use of the Tabernacle Church property. At the beginning of the 2009 school year Mrs. Bridges retired from daily school services. We are grateful for the impact she has made as the Founder of Tabernacle School and we continue to honor her vision and her love for children. A management team was formed to oversee the day-to-day operations of the school, while our school board continues to be responsible for the vision, mission and finances of the school.

Present Day

Tabernacle School has flourished under our current leadership team. We are continuing to look for ways to improve our campus through the use of technology and the integration of teaching methods based on our philosophy of multiple intelligences. Each year we strive for excellence in education while fostering a loving family atmosphere where children grow and thrive.


Bruce McIntosh
Bob Maiellaro
Vice Chairman
Mary Lou McCauley
Tom Bridges

Kristina Reynolds
Board Member
Charles Fikejs
Board Member
Peter Schadek
Board Member


Truth Centered

Committed to education which will mold students’ hearts and minds to effectively impact their lives forever.

Excellence Based

Vitally engaged in producing life-long learners through teaching and modeling self-discipline. We identify each student’s unique God-given intelligence, through awards assemblies and instruction. We begin to outline the future and build their skills by introducing them to professions that match their abilities.

Relationally Engaged

Dedicated to loving and nurturing students. Tabernacle School has a foundational character program which teacher morals and ethics. Every child knows that they will be a servant leader.

Evangelically Focused

Passionate about knowing Jesus and making Him known. Inclusive in our outreach. We have families from every religion; we have those who are not connected with anyone. Through our interview process, we explain that JESUS is the central figure of our school. He is a Person, not a religion. We explain very honestly that their children will be taught to believe in Jesus and to love Him. We do not present ourselves as religious Christians, rather, we are followers of JESUS.

Globally Challenged

Extending our ministry to children across the world with the message of Jesus. Connecting with orphans, children in prison, countries who want to have Christ-centered schools. Tabernacle School connects with the highest point in the government of a country to appeal for justice for children.


Gift Program

Multiple Intelligences

Every child is a gifted child. At Tabernacle we respect the unique giftedness of all children and work to help them discover and develop their gifts.Because children are gifted in different ways, we offer a broad range of programs designed to help them develop their own unique strengths. We respect and work to develop the following universally recognized areas of giftedness.


Having the ability to use words effectively.

A student with this gift will show great skill with written and/or spoken language. Political leaders, legal experts and writers have developed this ability to a high degree.


Having the ability to reason well.

A child with this ability is interested in patterns and relationships among things and loves puzzles and brainteasers. Computer and financial specialists are especially gifted logically and mathematically.


Having a keen ear and sense of rhythm.

Musically gifted children frequently sing, hum or whistle because they possess an innate sensitivity toward the musical elements of melody, tone, and rhythm. Many professional musicians first demonstrated musical potential at a very early age.


Having the ability to perceive and transform things visually.

Children who are spatially oriented think in three dimensional terms. They not only “see” things clearly i the mind’s eye, but they can manipulate them in their imaginations. These children are mechanics artists, designers, surgeons, mechanics and scientific theorists.


Having grace or agility, using one’s body in a highly-skilled way.

Kinesthetically gifted children are gifted with fine-motor skills used for sewing, crafts, typing, drawing and fixing machinery. Future athletes, dancers, swimmers, and sometimes inventors or actor are among this group.


Being gifted at understanding others.

Children gifted with interpersonal skills have the ability to empathize and understand other people. They have the uncanny sense of saying or doing the right thing at just the right time. People in service professions such as teachers, therapists, and counselors exhibit this gift.


Having deep insight into oneself.

Children who recognize their own strengths and weaknesses are gifted with intrapersonal skills. When these skills become highly developed, one is able to detect and to symbolize complex and highly differentiated sets of feelings. Poets are good representatives of this group.


Having the ability to take people where they would not go alone, love them and serve them.

We believe this gift is God-given. The school’s staff readily embraces those students who have this intelligence. The students are encouraged and taught how to serve others. Teachers, pastors, presidents, and politicians exhibit this gift.


Having the faith to comprehend and love God’s creation a s a gift to mankind to prove His Existence.

The creationist intelligence is connected to the cosmos and the belief in the truthful narrative of the creation of God. The student will absorb the truth of everything taught about the cosmos. Future farmers, scientists, and geologist often display the characteristics of this gift.

Moral Intelligence

Having a desire to live ethically.

Children who have a heart attitude and desire to conscientiously seek truth and justice are gifted with moral skills. They are able to delay self-gratification and make good decisions. Moral intelligence is the foundation upon which the gifts must be nurtured and developed.

Live Program

Learning Important Values Everday

Teaching character is an important part of our philosophy at Tabernacle School. We emphasize five different character traits in our classrooms: responsible, respectful, compassionate, cooperative, and courageous. Teachers recognize students for showing these character traits in the classroom and at quarterly assemblies. If a student shows exceptional character in one of these areas a teacher will send them to the office for “Caught Being Good”. There they get a sticker that they proudly display for the rest of the day. Their name is added to our character bulletin board in the lunchroom and a letter is sent home detailing why they were sent to the office. Below are some examples of how each character trait is displayed in our students.

Luke 16:10
1 Corinthians 13:6-7
James 3:13-14
Ephesians 6:2

Expressing Love: Towards God and your neighbor
Industrious: Getting your work done
Truthful: Honest, and conscientious
Productive: Tangible results from your work
Reliable: Dependable and trustworthy
Self-Disciplined: Keeping the rules and doing right
Determined: Exerting personal effort to complete tasks
Persistent: Nothing stops you from doing the right thing
Ambitious: Having initiative and willingness to do the work to be successful
Wise: Showing good judgment and making good choices
Servant hood: Serving others throughout your lifetime
Resistance: Resisting evil and doing wrong

Ephesians 4:2
Ephesians 6:1-3
I Corinthians 13:4-5
Matthew 22:37

Thinking Like Jesus: Put Him first in your thoughts
Polite: Well mannered and honoring in your attitude
Obedient: Submitting to your authority
Leadership: Being an example for other students
Accepting: Treat others as you would want to be treated
Quiet: Knowing when not to talk and make noise
Rule Keeping: Great attitude towards the rules knowing they are meant for good
Encouraging: Working to build the life of someone else
Admission: Owning up to wrong, and accepting the logical consequences
Honoring: Respectful towards your parents and teachers

Luke 15:20
Hebrews 5:2
Matthew 10:42
Matthew 11:28-30

Caring: Kind and considerate
Gentle: Gracious and loving
Empathy: Being aware and sensitive to the experience of another and communicating your compassion for them.
Understanding: Sympathetic
Discrete: Prudent silence and not gossiping
Attentive: Mindful and observant
Friendly: Warm and accepting
Forgiving: Allowing room for faults. Showing mercy
Passionate: Expressing feelings for those in need.
Selfless: Sacrifice to help others

I Samuel 15:22
Hebrews 5:8
Luke 16:10
Proverbs 2:1-5

Obedient: Follow instructions carefully
Attentive: Paying attention
Flexible: Agreeable and adaptable
Peaceful:Calm and untroubled
Fair: Impartial, objective, and reasonable
Joyful: Happy and contended in all circumstances
Thankful: gratitude and appreciation
Positive: Accepting and affirming to everyone
Faithful: Loyal and steadfast
Patient: Bearing difficult things calmly without complaining

Daniel 6:16-23
I Corinthians 13
Matthew 16:24-26
Hebrews 11:6

Determined: To know Jesus and make Him known
Loving: Providing for those in need, and protecting those who are disenfranchised
Receptive: Very teachable
Disciplined: Doing right thing
Thinking Skills: Understand logical consequences for every choice made
Vigilant: Watchful about personal behavior
Thoughtful: Able to discern appropriate friendships
Brave: Willing to stand alone for his/her convictions
Decisive: Able to make good choices quickly
Trustworthy: Very dependable
Controlled: Able to keep his/her spirit under control
Reliable: Follows through on commitments
Focused: Willingly follows Jesus and obeys Him

Future Action

We hope you will consider enrolling and encourage you to seek more information about the process.

Tabernacle School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students. Tabernacle does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of their educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs and athletic and other school administered programs.

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